Ceropegia rupicola   (Deflers)

syn. -


Yemen: Haraz Mountains / Al Mahwit Province

This species is something like an in all parts enlarged version of Ceropegia aristolochioides.

The plant grows upright, later the stems can also grow horizontally or climbing.

The leaves are ovate, about 4,5 cm long and 2,5 cm broad and stand on 1 cm long petioles. These and the underside of the leaves are slightly hirsute.

The flowers appear usually in spring, they are about 4,5 cm long, the opening for the pollinators is not much more than a narrowly split. They occasionally emit an very strong but yet not disagreeable scent. The colouration varies from clone to clone from red to ruby-coloured, brownish red to bicoloured, red and yellow flowers. In this species there is also a form with creme coloured flowers.

The local name of this species is Bukira.


The form that once was described as a distinct variety (Ceropegia rupicola var. strictantha (N. P. Taylor)) is now known to be a naturally occurring hybrid with Ceropegia aristolochioides ssp. deflersiana.

In cultivation such hybrids are known too, although it seems to be unknown if the other parent is either Ceropegia a. ssp. aristolochioides or Ceropegia a. ssp. deflersiana.


Ceropegia rupicola

Photo: by courtesy of Dan Marmot


Ceropegia rupicola

Photo: Alexander Lang


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